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Donation Request

Change for Good at Legends Outlets

Legends Outlets Kansas City prides itself on being a strong community partner. To emphasize the importance of community partnerships, four to six local organizations will be chosen throughout the year to benefit from the coins that are tossed into the Civic Courtyard Fountain as well as the Dwight D. Eisenhower Fountain. Selected organizations will benefit by keeping all of the coin donations collected from the fountains over a 2-3 month period. In addition, the selected organization will be featured on Legends Outlets’ website and social media.

Eligibility Requirements
Registered 501(c) (3) organizations within Wyandotte County, Kansas, or Johnson County, KS, are eligible to request funds from the Change for Good program.

You may not be eligible for program funding if you are:
• An individual
• Political parties or candidates
• Purely social organization
• Team sponsorships or fundraisers
• Scholarships

Written Request
If your organization meets the eligibility requirements above, please submit a request in writing. All participating organizations will be selected, at random, through a drawing and will be notified by phone and mail. Legends Outlets will keep requests for one year, at which point organizations that have not been selected may reapply.

Written requests must include the following:
• Name of the organization
• Description, mission and goals of the organization
• A summary explaining the purpose of the program funding 
• Contact name, mailing address, email and phone number

The organization is responsible for cleaning out the fountain at the conclusion of the designated collection period. The recommended days and times are Saturday or Sunday morning from 7 am to 10 am. The date and time must be scheduled in advance with the management office. Organizations that are selected to participate in the Change for Good program will receive information about best practices for cleaning out the fountain.

All volunteers must check in with the security office in the first level of the parking garage prior to cleaning out the fountain. At this time, all volunteers will be asked to sign a waiver. If the volunteer is under 18 years of age, the signature of a parent or guardian is required.

It is the responsibility of the organization to take the coins to the bank. 

Selected organizations will be referenced on the Legends Outlets’ website (www.legendsshopping.com) and will include a link to the organization's designated website.

Legends Outlets can supply fountain photos for use in newsletters, website, eFlashes, etc. to help spread the word about the program and encourage your contacts to visit Legends Outlets Kansas City and donate by tossing coins into the fountains. 

Written requests should be submitted to:
Legends Outlets Kansas City
Attn: Marketing Coordinator/Change for Good
1843 Village West Parkway, Suite C-127
Kansas City, KS 66111 

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