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Legends for Kids

Legends for Kids

Shopping for some trivia while you're at Legends Outlets? Whether you live in the Kansas City area or are stopping through while on vacation, a field-trip or a family excursion, guests of all ages are invited to enjoy a free audio walking tour of the more than 80 Kansas legends represented visually throughout the center.

Click here for a list of Kansas legends and details on the audio walking tour!

To truly make your trip to Legends Outlets a memorable experience, check out the educational tools featured on our website. Enjoy a scavenger hunt or explore for "undiscovered" Kansas legends and submit them on our website. You'll also find word searches, quizzes, coloring pages, crafts, a detective series on famous Kansans and even an entire Curriculum Packet.
You, too, are a Kansas legend in the making!

Submit a Legend
Do you know a Kansas Legend we should consider featuring at Legends Outlets? We welcome your recommendations and invite you to submit a nomination form.
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