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Code of Conduct

Parental Escort Policy & Code of Conduct


After 9 pm, visitors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian 21 years or over.

How is the policy enforced?
Individuals or groups under the age of 16 who are unaccompanied after 9 pm will be asked to leave the center.

How are individuals under the age of 16 identified?
To enforce the rules relating to minors, patrons will be required to carry a photo ID with proof of age.

What if an individual is unable to provide appropriate identification?
The individual will be asked to leave the property until they can return with appropriate ID.

What about teens who work at Legends Outlets?
Teens who work at Legends Outlets after 9 pm will not be affected by this policy.

Is the policy “one child to one adult”?
No. One adult can be responsible for several youth with proper supervision of their behavior.

Do I have to be with my child?
Yes. An adult must maintain visual contact with the children for whom he or she is responsible. If not, they will be asked to leave.


The Legends Outlets Code of Conduct is displayed on signage throughout the property and appears below. Guests who fail or refuse to follow the Code of Conduct may be temporarily or permanently banned from returning to Legends Outlets.

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